Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Spring Kayaks Finally

Kayaking has net been on the schedule this Spring because of a number of things, but the rain has been falling like in the Bible this June and I finally was able to get out on the full river on Thursday, June 13.  I put in at Egg Rock and of course it had started pouring again.  There was no one else out there and I got soaked.  Went up the Assabet well past Huck and Jim's Island, which was far under water.  It was kind of chilly by the time I got back.

Met R on Sunday the 16th at the 225 put-in (crowded for Fathers Day) and we took my car up to West Concord, where we met L by the Concord Bakery and launched by the old RR tracks.  Had a wonderful paddle far downstream.  Under route 2 I could almost touch the roof of the bridge in the middle of the arch and under the Monument Street bridge I had to scrunch up to make it.  The water was even higher than it had been on Thursday.

Where the Concord widens out North of the Wildlife Refuge the river had way-overflowed its normal course and we were able to go hundreds of yards back into the woods.  Made it to 225 in what seemed like a short time, loaded in R's car, and drove up to West Concord to re-group.  We all realized we'd had a great time ... 6 hours or so by the time I got home ... and have to do it again soon.

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