Monday, July 1, 2013

Mallett After Croquet

After a great week-plus of relatives, family reunion, endless croquet games, kayaking, and touring historical and heart-memory sites, we and some relatives went to Club Passim for an American/folk/Harvard Square thing and saw David Mallett, one of the foremost poets of Maine.

We forgot how tough (no pun intended) it can be to order well from the Veggie Planet menu, but we all got fed, had a few Cambridge Brewing Co. beers (they actually had two of them on!), and then settled in for a hot evening (literally) with David and accompanist Michael Burd on bass.

David was as fantastic as ever, if not better.  He whipped through his songbook and I was delighted to hear Red Red Rose early in the set, along with a bunch of newer songs and also the classic Garden Song.  He even threw a melancholy Elvis song in there.  Our relatives from away were stunned at how much they enjoyed the evening.  Live music can be such an invigorating experience, especially with an experienced artist like David, who knows exactly how to shape the evening.

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