Saturday, November 15, 2014

Dan Hicks Finally!

We got tickets to Dan Hicks at the Bull Run a while ago, front table of course.  Then he had to cancel twice(!), one time because he was being treated for cancer, which is a good excuse.  He finally showed up on November 14th and we were there waiting, as were a lot of other people.  I don't think I've ever seen that many tables squeezed into the Sawtelle Room, and they were all full.

Dan had his excellent backup Lickettes with him, Roberta and Daria, his excellent fiddler, Benito Cortez, and a new guitarist.  The show was as wonderful as ever, with the whole band doing their stuff.  Probably the high point of the show was a totally grooved-out Evening Wind, and then a totally spooky and weird Scare Myself, and later a rollicking Payday.  The low point was when Dan did Porter's Satisfied Mind solo and crashed and burned ... at this age his voice isn't really strong enough for him to do a ballad by himself ... but it was a good try.

We had a great time and I think the band did too ... and so did a lot of other people!