Sunday, January 28, 2018

Plum Island Winter 2018

Did our annual trek up and down the Plum Island beach today.  The weather was really perfect for a winter, beach experience.  The wind was not bad at all, perhaps carrying a hint of Spring but probably not, though not bitter like an early Winter wind.

We parked in the second lot, crossed over the long boardwalk to the beach, and walked South and then North.  A family with three kids who had been eager to beachcomb and brought mesh bags to collect shells were disappointed and beginning to misbehave.  Their bags were empty except for a couple of broken specimens.

The tide was way out and the beach was relatively clean because of low winds.  An exception was balls of grass, which were new to us.  Were they formed by wind or birds?

The sun was trying to break through and it failed, though doing a fine job of producing beautiful light.  I made a video of waves at low tide which is too big to upload here apparently!

We stopped in the Plum Island Grille for lunch afterwards and were amazed at how much we enjoyed it.  Moules frites for Sarah and Caesar salad with anchovies and salmon for me.  We were entertained by Hyde and Jekyll on Yamaha piano and voice.