Friday, June 7, 2013

Dave Alvin Returns

Dave Alvin has been playing Johnny D's on an annual basis lately and this year we got it together to get dinner-and-show seats for him.  I bought them as soon as I heard about it but the place was already half sold-out by the time I got tickets and was *way* sold out last night.  Dave deserves it of course ... it's stunning that a guy who plays guitar like he does can still be seen at small clubs, he should be selling out Foxboro Stadium!

Sarah Borges opened on solo acoustic and was vastly entertaining.  I actually grabbed a pen and wrote down one of her lyrics: "My bottle's half empty, got half a bottle more; I don't know where I'm going, but I know you won't be there for sure."  Great stuff!

Then we drank some more and the room got even more crowded.  We were at an elevated table near the back of the big room but still had to struggle to see.  Dave played with the same band we'd seen a couple of years ago: Lisa Pancratz on drums, Brad Fordham (who's supposedly married to Lisa) on bass, and Chris Miller on rhythm.  This time they saved 4th of July for second (after opening with Harlan County Line), and then proceeded to rip it up good.  I was on my feet and doing some serious dancing by the last few songs, struggle with decorum though I might.  It's all right, everyone else in the place was dancing, riveted on Dave, or dead.

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