Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Della Mae in the Middle East

Hadn't had enough sleazy rock clubs lately, so we went to see Della Mae at the Middle East (upstairs) in Central Square on Tuesday, June 4th.  Della Mae is a fine all-woman bluegrass band that's just put out their second CD and is hoping/preparing for a fast rise.

They definitely have some world-class talent floating around in the band, like Courtney Hartman's (another Berklee product) guitar playing, Celia Woodsmith's song-writing, the fiddling of Kimber Ludiker, and wonderful bluegrass-with-a-twist vocal arrangements.  They've got room to improve, but are vastly entertaining now.

The Middle East upstairs was packed (celeb sighting: Rubblebucket's guitar player, Ian Hersey was in attendance), and Rushad Eggleston opened with his normal ton of energy and in-your-face cello playing [sic].  Della Mae came on and Kimber's fiddle's bridge broke!  Oh no!!  So Celia and Courtney opened with some folkie songs on guitar, and very quickly a replacement fiddle was found and brought up on stage.  Trouble was it was a 4-string rather than a 5-string, but Darol Anger was also in attendance (don't you love Boston?) and came up with a replacement of his own, which sounded wonderful once it finally arrived.  I'd love to hear Kimber's chops with a fiddle she's used to.

The played a short set, we yucked it up with Kate and crew, and then took off into the night.  A *real* rock band was going to be on next...

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