Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Assabet to 225

Went for an after-work kayak on Monday 4/30, putting in on Nashoba Brook behind the bakery, joining the Assabet, and floating downriver to the 225 put in.  Got a ride back up to West Concord and then home as it was getting dark.  Not much wildlife out but heard plenty of birds, saw the infestation of Muscovy ducks on the Assabet, and paddled alongside a bold muskrat.  The colors on the trees were beautiful as the fast-starting Spring had slowed way down and the leaves were halfway between stretching out in their light green glory and still being encased in elongated red buds.  The yellow-green bark of the willows and the powdery bark of the beeches stood out in the tree arrays, but these colors will soon be screened out by the leaves of the oaks, maples, and ashes.

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