Thursday, June 11, 2015

Utah harmony

This morning there was the usual rush to get ready at MMVC and I volunteered to go raise the flag in front of the Visitor Center.  Just as I had it hooked to the halyard and was ready to haul away a guy shouted from the walkway approaching the VC, "Wait!"  He got a little closer and said, "We've got a whole busload of teachers who want to watch!!"

They were a group of 34 teachers from Utah (grade school to high school) who were taking a tour of historic areas, and they really wanted to see the "flag raising ceremony" at the place where the Revolution began.  Talk about pressure!

I waited until they all assembled in a line and they all had their hands over their hearts.  Then I hauled it up slowly, trying to make it look like a "ceremony."  When it reached the top, they all started singing The Star Spangled Banner, even throwing in a bit of harmony at the end!  What could I do but stand back, put my hand on my heart, and enjoy it?

They had some very good questions after watching the multi-media presentation and an idea for an interactive map that I'm going to pass on.  The first guy thanked me for waiting and I thanked him!  I asked if they had practiced singing together and he said no, that it was spontaneous.

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