Saturday, June 27, 2015

Just Get In There!

Took the day off work on Friday, June 26th, and tried to sleep as late as possible to acclimate ourselves to California time.  Spent the rest of the morning packing, and after hanging out a bit we called the cab company, got picked up, and headed to Logan for the trip to Santa Clara and the Fare Thee Well shows!

The cab driver was a riot.  We were a bit delayed by traffic and he called his dispatcher to see what advice he could give.  "Just get in there!" was the advice.  He dropped us off at JetBlue and went on his merry way.

Got beers and hung out ... it was easy to pick the Deadheads out of the Friday-afternoon airport crowd, and we hobnobbed with some.  There were a lot of us.  About a third of the passengers on the full plane were going out for the Dead concert.  Watched some Women's World Cup on the plane (Germany and the US won and will meet in the semis on Tuesday), took a little nap, and then got right in there, a long descent to the San Jose airport.

Got the luggage. got a cab, and soon were at the hotel, which was running hot and cold Deadheads, mostly very excited.  These included our friends Ricky and Holly, who had recently arrived after driving out from Colorado.  We all checked in with absolutely no problem, got our stuff laid out, and then made a trip in Holly's car to a local 7-11 for supplies.

What else could we do?  We grabbed some beers and hung out outside the lobby with the growing crowd of crazies, getting more and more excited.  Finally in to bed at around midnight, California time.

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