Tuesday, May 7, 2013

2013 Walk for Hunger

Participated in the 45th (my 22nd) Walk for Hunger this year.  Here's my synopsis:

It was a sunny but not-hot-at-all day on Sunday, as we've often gotten this Spring, and that was perfect weather for walking.  The Spring flowers were popping up everywhere and it's always a great time of year to see the neighborhoods of Greater Boston.

At the start I detoured up Boylston street rather than sticking to the route up Comm Ave, and stopped at the memorial to the Marathon tragedy that's sprung up at Copley Square.  It's bigger than I thought, hundreds and hundreds of caps, stuffed animals, running shoes, flowers, cards, etc.  It was very moving, especially in the early morning (6:45 or so) on a Sunday, with the rising sun lighting up Trinity Church and the Boston Public.

The participant turnout and the total raised for the Walk was a little lower than average this year, probably because people had other opportunities for contributing to the community.  So your contributions meant even more than normal.  Thanks again!

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