Saturday, April 13, 2013

More Hot Club at the Me and Thee

Hot Club at the Me and Thee??  Of course!  Usual meet in Salem for dinner and then got to the M&T just as the line was forming.  Stood in the rain for 25 minutes or so while many others assembled behind us and got the front-row seats we like best.

Jon Shain opened with one accompanist with a suitcase full of harmonicas.  As had been the schedule with Tim O'Brien, Hot Club then came on and played another half hour or so for a first set, then we had a "liquor-mission" according to Elana, and then a long second set.

Hot Club had their new album for sale, which was a very pleasant surprise (release is set for late next month).  They played a number of songs from that such as Avalon, Slow Boat To China, Minor Swing, Dark Eyes, The Continental, I'm In the Mood For Love, and Back In Your Own Backyard, as well as a few from their What Makes Bob Holler record, such as Stay All Night and Oklahoma Hills..  They played many other songs from throughout their repertoire, and were nice enough to ask for requests with a few songs left in their set.  People shouted out "Orange," and "the Pussycat song," and I asked for "Exactly."  Elana knew what we meant and they launched into Exactly Like You followed by Pussy Pussy Pussy (she chided us for not meowing loud enough), and ended the set with a scorching Orange Blossom Special.

We were right in front of Jake and he was at his fret-board slapping best, which humorously had a few people stunned. We heard some wondering out loud how he got that sound, with one theory being that he had castanets on his wrists.

They then came out with a nonplussed Eva (Elana's dog), and did a three song encore.  The house was as packed as I've ever seen it and we all just roared.  I got the impression that Hot Club hadn't been sure if they'd do as well coming back there for a second time, and they did even better.  Now they've got the M&T pencilled in for a third time (and more), I hope!

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