Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Winter and Kayaking

As noted, this has been an historically warm Winter in most of the US, including featuring very little snow in the Boston area.  We've had two snowstorms that I remember this Winter, and both were at most a few inches for us.

But they've got some snow up in New Hampshire and Dave (home for Spring break) and I went skiing at Waterville Valley on March 11th.  This was the opening day of Daylight Savings Time and we still got up there for first chair around 8AM.  It was really empty for 90 minutes or so and the snow was excellent all over the mountain.  The crowds really showed up after that and the snow turned to mashed potatoes by the end of the day but we had a great time and some excellent skiing.

The weather really turned warm this week and on Monday (March 19th, the last day of Winter), I went kayaking after work.  Put in at 225 and the water level was higher than normal but not much higher.  Paddled upstream and then down, getting back after about 90 minutes right at sunset.  The trees were all budding, but the bushes ... even though they showed new growth ... weren't putting out buds yet.  Came close to a beaver lodge and saw a swirl of water under my paddle and my kayak.  He was feeling a little testy at this time of year no doubt.  Many little bugs were out already too, though they seemed confused.

In Connecticut this past weekend (long story) the grass was growing and all over here the crocuses are out, the buds are starting, and the birds are making a racket.  Nature thinks Spring is here, though humans are reluctant to admit it.

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