Thursday, March 29, 2012

Musical Families

I heard Justin Townes Earle on the radio this morning and was thinking that he and dad Steve *have* to be the best father-son combination of musical talent I've heard.  But then again ... my wandering mind thought ... there are definitely other pairs in the running for that:  Hank Sr. and Hank Williams Jr, Woody and Arlo Guthrie, Earl and Randy Scruggs (especially poignant since Earl died yesterday), Doc and Merle Watson, Bob and Jakob Dylan, Butch and Derek Trucks, Taylor and Jake Amerding come to my mind immediately ... I'm sure there are many others.

But, my diseased mind went on, what about mother-daughter combinations?  The only one I can readily think of is Kate McGarrigle and Martha Wainwright (though some might argue that there were genes from father Loudon involved in that).  Any others?

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