Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hot Club at the Me and Thee

OK, this was just one of the most astounding events ever. We met brother-in-law and new-girlfriend at our favorite place in Salem and then moseyed over to Marblehead just in time to join the alarmingly-rapidly-growing queue in front of the UU church. When they let us in we were able to grab seats in the front-row. After a nice opening set by Audrey Auld from Nashville by way of Tasmania, this is what we saw...

You could criticize our seats and the videos for not getting an optimal sound mix, but we loved being so close. Here are some notes:
  • listen to how good Whit's guitar sounds; that's because we were hearing his vintage amp (you can see it behind his knees if you look real close) instead of the PA; this was way more than worth the price of admission

  • listen to how good Jake's bass sounds and realize what a talent he is to get that sound from his slaps and fingering; again, we were 4 feet from the sound-box of his fiddle and it dominated our sonic universe, but that's the raw stuff!!!!

  • the vocals don't come over anywhere near as well as they would have if the video camera were a few rows back, but it's amazing how much better they sounded to our ears ... we could actually hear the band sing instead of listening to their mix
  • I've heard them play Chinatown a lot: it's kind of a tired signature song from them, but OMG, the guitar work on this! talk about going to the upper room...

  • Elana is beyond description ... and we've talked with her and she's so nice!

These people should be invited to the White House to have tea with the President; they're some of the most talented artists I know of in America (or the solar system) today.

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