Monday, March 21, 2011

Four Things

1) Found out on Sunday Morning Country that I won the jingle contest (*better* than second prize in a beauty contest, which I won at Monopoly the other day). Prize is a Bob Wills boxed set and eternal fame!

Six days a week the world tells me I'm wrong,
This is not my home and I don't belong.
On Sundays the radio calls the world's bluff
When Kate plays Porter and all that good stuff!

2) Took Dave and his hermit crabs to the bus for the last quarter of his sophomore year. We'll see him again in late April.

3) First day of Spring (actually, the equinox took place at 7:21PM) after a brutal winter, so put the rack and the kayak on top of the car and went looking for some water. Put in at the top of the Mystic Lakes and first headed up the Aberjona. Couldn't get far before a fallen tree and a school of growing fish stopped me, but turned around and had a brisk jaunt down to the dam and back.

4) Went to Johnny D's for a late show (9:00) by Elizabeth Cook with husband Tim Carroll on guitar and Bones Hillman on a borrowed bass. Elizabeth was dragging a bit (allergy pill) at the start of the set but soon pepped up and rocked out ... what a professional and what a singer! Cousin Kate stopped by with my prize very nicely wrapped. We talked with her afterwards and covered all the major topics, such as who's coming to SMC soon and how psyched we are for the Hot Club on Friday.

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