Wednesday, April 7, 2010

porcupines in April

Went up to Maine this past weekend and was kayaking on the Bagaduce on Sunday up by Porcupine Cliff. I snuck up on it quietly and saw one porcupine totally zonked out in the sun on a rock down near the water. I could see the back of another one up by their burrow, and it was moving back and forth like that one was digging at something, and I could hear a squealing that seemed to be accompanying this activity. I coasted a bit farther up and could see that there was a juvenile doing the squealing as he poked his mother (who was trying to get some shut-eye herself) repeatedly in the side, trying to get her to turn over and give him some milk. The Dad down below had just finished mowing the lawn or something and the game wasn't on yet ... he couldn't be bothered with nothing.

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