Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beer All Over

I was dusting some beer bottles the other day, and telling Sarah about their meaning, when she suggested that I arrange them by that meaning. Here are a few pictures:

South America is in the foreground and is represented by Argentina, Brazil, and Peru. North of there we have Costa Rica and Mexico, with Jamaica and the Dominican off to the right. Farther North is the US and Canada.

Across the ocean there's France. Tucked next to France (left to right) is Belgium, Holland, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, and Poland with Russia way off the the right. To the North of that crowd is Ireland, England, and Scotland. Iceland is to the left of that, and Kenya is of course South of Europe (the only one from Africa!).

Asia and the Pacific Rim is represented by India and Sri Lanka to the left, Tibet, Thailand, and Laos in the middle, China to the North and Japan to the East, and Australia and New Zealand in the foreground.

Here's a group picture:

Then I put them back on the shelf.

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