Monday, June 13, 2016

Ol' Brown Shoe In the Wind

Great friends M&G were in town for a speaking engagement by G and it just so happened that this coincided perfectly with Ol' Brown Shoe (with our friend Larry) playing at the Black Lobster in Salem on a sunny Sunday late-Spring afternoon (6/12), with the tide coming in!  What could be better?

Well, it might have been better if it had been a little warmer.  The wind was wicked that day and I texted M&G that they should wear sweatshirts, which weren't really enough.  M wore his winter coat and seemed to be the only comfortable one on the patio at the Black Lobster, including some braving the wind with t-shirts and sandals and not really succeeding.  Oh well, there's only so much chilliness that beer and dancing can't fix!

Ran into Larry in the parking lot when we arrived a bit before 3 for the afternoon show.  They set up pretty quickly and M&G showed up just in time for the opening number, Bertha.  We'd grabbed a table "in the sun" but the clouds moved in, the wind kept up the pace, and it started raining by the end of the afternoon.  By then we'd moved to a table under the canopy though, and we were fine ... we're New Englanders.

JeffL was missing for a family celebration, but the band didn't miss a beat, with Larry and Tim filling in the rhythm and the vocals.  Highlights were another excellent Shakedown, another great cover of What's Going On, another fantastic turn on Southbound by Larry, and Toussaint's Get Out Of My Life Woman.  M and Larry had a chance to hang out at break and catch up, and we all had a beyond-wonderful time.

The elephant in the room was that the Dead & Company summer tour has started, and there was some buzz about that, who's going to Fenway for what nights. etc.  They opened in Charlotte on Friday night (6/10) and when we got home we watched the webcast of their set at Bonnaroo.  Just fantastic stuff, and Donna Jean Godchaux-Mackay sang on a number of tunes!

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