Monday, October 19, 2015

Fred and Tif at Passim

Fred Eaglesmith was finally back in town on October 14th, and Club Passim was pretty much sold out with dedicated followers.  His backup band, led by (his wife? ... sources differ) Tif Ginn opened.  She was accompanied by her sister Brit on bass and long-time Fred bandmates Matt Simpson on guitar and piano and Kori Heppner on drums.

After a few songs and a short break, Fred came on and spouted his brand of anti-political venom mixed with hard-core songs.  He did some really old ones, including Cha Cha, Alcohol and Pills, and an incendiary 49 Tons, and basically whatever he felt like playing at that second.  He'd go on about some topic, then launch into a song and the band would scramble to figure out what he was playing and pick up the right instruments.

Tif had a mandolin, two different squeezeboxes, a ukelele, a melodica, and some kind of cittern(?) onstage, but mostly stuck to the accordions.  Her voice is excellent backing up Fred and their harmony arrangements were stellar.

Short show on a Wednesday night and we got out of there by 10:30 or so.

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