Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hot Club Burns Up Shirley

The Hot Club of Cowtown had never been booked at the Bull Run, until this past Wednesday!  The place was only about two-thirds full, probably due to being in the dog days of August and a lack of familiarity with them in central Mass.

Those of us who were there were true devotees, and when they asked for requests they were called out thick and fast.  One woman came up to the stage and gave Elana an envelope on which she'd written a list of requests!  Imagine somebody doing that!?!  One guy (the youngest in the room) even called out for Ripple.

John came down from Peterborough too, and Whit rewarded him with a fantastic performance.  All three played perhaps better than I've ever seen them, but Whit in particular was on fire.  His old amp had given up the ghost in sound check, but he had a substitute that wasn't quite as good, though his playing negated this difference.

They played a slightly truncated set, explaining that they had to get to Boothbay Harbor Thursday night, then up in New Hampshire the next.  What they didn't get into is the torturous schedule they have coming up in October, going from Texas to Idaho, to Texas, to Virginia, to Nevada, then California, Washington, and back to Texas.  As I've often said, I can't believe that a band this over-the-top great has to struggle to make it.  Oh well, life is strange.

Fantastic set, including Exactly Like You as the third tune (before that weird guy could request it), and finishing with the other song I most wanted to hear, Chinatown.  This song is a great showcase for Whit's talent and he didn't disappoint, eliciting many whoops and wows from the mid-week crowd.  I want to see those guys again!

Pictures from Sarah here!

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