Monday, February 2, 2015

Patriots Win 2015 Super Bowl!

I haven't been blogging about another of my great interests: spectator sports.  I'm an across-the-board New England fan of course.  But I have to type a note about my reaction yesterday when the Patriots won the Super Bowl.

The heroic Patriots took the lead, the first team in history to come back from 10 points down in the second half of a Super Bowl.  But then Seattle was driving back, and there was an incredible circus catch from Jermaine Kearse.  My intent isn't to describe what happened ... I'm sure you can look it up.  But my reaction was studied from years and years of suffering as a sports fan, that the fates were conspiring against us and that this was just like what had happened with Tyree Davis in the 2008 Super Bowl, etc., etc.  Marshawn Lynch, the beast who could not be stopped in that game, as beasts had dominated so many games before, took it to the 18-inch line.

But then Seattle threw and Malcolm Butler, a rookie from a Division 2 school, stepped up and intercepted it.  "I had a vision," he said.  I jumped out of my chair and shouted, "INTERCEPTED!!!"  The Patriots won the Super Bowl.

Is there a lesson in this?  I don't think so.  The point is that sports can be incredibly, incredibly dramatic.  And that that drama can be incredibly addictive.

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