Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Patty Griffin Rocks Boston HOB

Went to see Patty Griffin at the HOB – Boston on Tuesday, June 10th.  We met at Yard House with some difficulty because my phone had gone walkabout, but we had an excellent meal and some excellent fancy beers there, and then walked down an empty Van Ness Street in the still-slightly-chilly late Spring.  Luckily, the Red Sox were on the road.

They had seats at the HOB?!? … first time we’d experienced that.  We were in the first row and this was good because we had plenty of legroom, but we had to look way up to see the stage.  Of course, the sound was fantastic, even though we were way up front.  This is a specialty of the HOB, I’ve never heard them not get the mix right and fill the room from the get-go.

Parker Millsap opened and showed some excellent vocal talent.  He’s another of the current crop of Okie singer-songwriters and we were impressed, as was the audience, which usually treats openers at the HOB as roadkill.

Then Patty came on and was everything you’d hope she’d be.  I loved her setlist.  Highlights were that she opened with Ohio and Don’t Let Me Die In Florida from her latest record, did her cover of The Strange Man (one of my favorite gospel songs), and of course did Truth #2 and Top Of the World.  She killed them all, and all of us.  What a songwriter and what a performer!

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