Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hot Club Infests Johnny D's

We love Hot Club of Cowtown.  And even more than ever, after seeing them on Tuesday night I’m just stunned that they’re not superstars.  They should be playing the Wilbur or the House of Blues, not just packing Johnny D's.  Their fans are devoted but it’s weird that we aren't legion.  Oh well, lots of things are weird.

The SMC crowd was well-represented, and the dance floor was used by a lot of people practicing their swing steps.  All the tables were out too, and there was not much space left over for standing room.

Elana came out in a leopard-print dress, Whit had a day-glo green shirt, and Jake was as dapper as ever.  They just killed it, playing songs from throughout their career and mixing in several new ones.  Their harmonies were fantastic last night (Jake didn't sing a lead), and what really got me was that Whit's great amplifier setup was reproduced so well by Johnny D's PA.

They did two sets and opened the floor for requests towards the end.  When the "meows" started up, Elana declared that the place was apparently infested.  Nevertheless, she obliged us with Pussy Pussy Pussy.

Great sound, great night, and lots of fun.  Here are some pictures:

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