Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lori McKenna and Lots O' People

Lori McKenna has written some great songs and seemed like a good choice for a Me and Thee trip on a Friday night.  We fought traffic all the way there and the UU church in Marblehead was sold out and rocking.  Actually, I didn't recognize any rockers from Monday night.  We snagged seats in the back row of the sanctuary and were lucky to do that, it was packed.

Dietrich Strause opened and was not on.  Then it was Lori's turn, accompanied by Marc Erelli, who is a great musician himself.  They didn't mesh until well into the set though.  Lori's songs are her strong point and didn't need Erelli's lead guitar; when he switched to mandolin things worked better.

Highlights were Lorraine and How Romantic Is That, but the choice of opening with one of her strongest songs, Salt, was weird.  All in all, not the best night.

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