Friday, January 31, 2014

Loon in January

It's been a very cold winter and conversely, not a great winter for snow in the N.E. mountains.  But by later January many mountains had made enough snow for an acceptable base, and Thursday the 30th turned out to be a good day for me and Marnie to head to Loon.

Normal weekday start at 7, and we got up to the mountain and onto the gondola by 9:30.  I really liked Loon because of the variability of the terrain, some great conditions (especially on the North side), fast lifts, and lack of crowds.  Had a couple of run-ins with ice on the steeper slopes, including one slip that dinged my hip, but basically run after run of good snow on open, twisting slopes.  Great fun, and made it home by a bit after 6:00.

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