Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ipswich South

Haven't been blogging about all my kayak trips in MA recently, but here's one.  I've borrowed Dave's Old Town Castine for local salt water trips and we hit the big time today.  We put in at the Ipswich Town Landing, went down the river for a mile or two against the solid incoming tide, and then poked out into the Atlantic, past the opening to Plum Island Sound.

The incoming tide was ripping over the shoals at the entrance to the Sound and was twisting back and forth with the options to go up the river, up the sound, or to crash on the shore.  Added to this was the strong South by West wind that grinned at the tide (headed Southeast generally) and whipped up a chop wherever it could.  We plowed through turbulent waves and whirlpools out in the mouth of the sound, hiding behind buoys that were almost submerged by the strong current.

Back up the river after a sandwich and strolled through the salt marsh peninsulas on the high tide while motorboats joy-rode down the channel.  Made it back to the Town Landing about an hour past high tide and put up.

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