Friday, August 2, 2013

Meet Up At Movies 2013

[written much later]

The Grateful Dead "Meetup At the Movies" took place on Jerry's birthday, August 1st.  This year they showed Sunshine Daydream, the famous Ventura OR concert of 1972-08-27.  I had seen bootlegs of this documentary, which was never commercially released, and they were in pretty poor shape though the concert itself seemed excellent.

They re-mastered and gussied this up, and the only problem with the final theatrical release was that it wasn't loud enough!  We saw it at the Lowell Showcase Cinemas, and the theater was pretty full, though not packed.  There was much giggling at all the super-high and super-naked young people in the movie, some of whom may have been some of the theater-goers.  A wonderful time was held by all.

The film and soundtrack were released a little later and are excellent.  There's just as much nudity as we saw in the theater.

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