Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Shaina Taub at the Middle East

On Monday the 25th we met my old college friend Mike (and "anonymous" friend) at the Middle East in Cambridge to see his daughter, Shaina Taub, play the upstairs room with her trio.  We had an ok dinner and a nice talk, hanging out before the show and having a couple of beers.

Shaina and her Trio are excellent, we enjoyed their set thoroughly (photos here).  They mixed in covers of Joni's Help Me I Think I'm Falling In Love Again and a song by BeyoncĂ© with a great assortment of Shaina's songs.  Every song featured inventive lyrics, technically adventurous (and successful) and well-sung arrangements, and some fine musicianship.

Shaina obviously comes from a musical theater background and her songs have plots, twists, and irony to them ... shocking!  And her performance is striking too: she opens verses and choruses with distinct diction and perfectly struck notes instead of sidling up to the words like a rocker or folkie.

Their set was only 45 minutes or so and then they had to give up the stage to the next act.  That was ok with us older folk, it was a Monday night!  Back home and some more time talking and having one more beer with Mike and [anonymous friend] before bed.

This is an older song of Shaina's that she didn't do last night, but showcases her way with words and her singing ability:

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