Sunday, June 10, 2012

WUMB Music Marathon

WUMB could not get it together to have a Boston Music Festival (or WUMB Music Festival) this year but did have what they called a "concert marathon" in Lipke Auditorium (the science lecture hall) with Tish Hinohosa, Tracy Grammer, and Guy Davis.  There was an amazingly small number of people there, especially since they seemed to be promoting it well.

Tish went on first and played a nice mix of songs from throughout her career, including Something In the Rain  and The True West.  Tracy was next and had a band: Jim Henry of course on guitar and a drummer and a bassist.  They opened with Tom Russell's Blue Wing and encored with Gypsy Rose, while playing other excellent songs in between like Tanglewood Tree (on which the drummer sang and played a "drum guitar" thing) and The Verdant Mile.  Guy Davis was last; I hadn't seen him before and he's a very engaging performer.  He played a number of songs from all over the blues spectrum, including an excellent cover of Statesboro Blues.

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