Sunday, September 18, 2011

Late Evening on the Assabet

Brought the kayak to work Friday the 16th and put in at the Lowell Street bridge in Concord.  A week left in summer (the equinox will be on the 23rd this year) and still plenty of time to get out on the water.  The water level had been very high earlier in the week ... still a reminder of Hurricane Irene and subsequent storms.  It had gone down some but was still high enough so the launching area was shrunk.  No problem because I didn't see anyone else the whole time.

I put in and paddled hard up the Assabet, getting all the way up to the old railroad bridge past route 62 before turning around  Saw plenty of birds in the lovely, massive elms and oaks on that part of the river, plus a few herons and lots of those big ducks(?) with red faces that hang our around the lower Assabet.  At one point a squadron of them careened down the river past me and it's a good thing I was pulled over to the side.

The sun set right around the time I turned around and by the time I got back to Egg Rock it was pretty dark.   But the dusk was beautiful on the river: a black mirror that shone more and more as the air got darker and the water picked up and reflected the last rays of light.  By the time I got back I was paddling almost blind through a dark blanket, guided only by sounds and the feel of the current.

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