Monday, August 22, 2011

After Work Kayak Some More

Brought the kayak to work on Thursday 8/18 and put in at 117 again.  Went North into Fairhaven Bay again and was steaming past it on a humid day, bound to get down-river some.  I did get there some, but had to stop and look at nature.  The clock said time to turn back and I got home just 10 minutes before I hoped for.  Would have been nice to have more time but there will be other days.

... like on Wednesday the 24th I brought the kayak to work and put in at Lowell St. in deepest darkest Concord around 5:30.  An hour or so up the river found me almost at Sudbury Road.  Turned around and meandered back to Lowell St. and on the road home at @7:30.

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