Sunday, April 24, 2011

Yap Yap

Was out in the back yard raking today and heard a little yip-yip. Realized eventually that it was coming from inside the neighbor’s house, where an Easter gathering was going on. At that point I remembered the dog … yeah, the same thing happened last year at Easter or some other family occasion. That time the dog was leashed-up out in the back yard with the neighbor’s dog Chip, an adult and mellow dog who knows a thing or two. Not saying that he really knows what’s going on because that’s not really his agenda, but he knows about things he should. He was out in the back yard too last year, watching me while I was raking or cutting down the dead stalks from last Winter or something, getting ready for Spring (or maybe adapting to the fact that it was here already). That other dog was there too and Chip and I both realized that he was yapping and yapping about something. Then we realized it was me he was yapping at and Chip gave him a look like, “Dude. That’s Jon and that’s his back yard. He’s entitled to be there and is out cutting down stuff and making things right. Like … he’s not yapping at us even though he could. Can you chill?” The little dog could not chill, maybe because he was visiting relatives.

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