Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mary Gauthier at Me and Thee

Mary Gauthier was fantastic at the Me and Thee coffeehouse Friday night (2/11). She would have been great herself, but she was accompanied by Tania Elizabeth (of the Duhks), who is just incredible. Not only was her fiddle playing surreal, she sang in unison (and sometimes in harmony) with Mary, matching her inflection for inflection. We got there late, but the front row was empty and so we slipped in and were just feet away from this amazing pair of musicians. Makes the long slog from West Concord after work seem like nothing, especially whenwe got to have dinner at a spot we've discovered in Salem (Gulu-Gulu).

Here's a video (Tania had dark hair last night) that captures the magic:

... and here's one (bad quality) with a touch of the harmony ...

... but really it was incredible how the two of them sang together like angels.

Jason Myles Goss opened with some tasty licks and some very good songs.

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