Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cook and Rowan at Johnny Ds

On Tuesday, 11/16 we saw a somewhat odd pairing of Elizabeth Cook opening for Peter Rowan at Johnny Ds. Elizabeth brought her husband Tim Carroll along to play guitar of course, and I didn't catch the name of the guy on double bass. They were the opening act and so did all their hits pretty quickly, but the full crowd didn't want to let them leave. The only good part to their set being over was that that meant that Peter Rowan came on, with his current bluegrass band of the staggeringly good Jodi Stecher on mandolin, Keith Little on banjo, and Paul Knight on bass. They did a bunch of numbers from the new album (Legacy) and of course the stuff people expect, like Panama Red, Midnight Moonlight, and Land of the Navajo. Peter seemed to be saving his voice a bit ... but cutting back a bit for him is still miles beyond what most vocalists can do. It was one of those concerts where at several points my mouth just dropped open from astonishment at what I was hearing. Incredible musicianship, incredible lead singing and harmonizing, and a fount of incredible songs. It does *not* get better than seeing Peter Rowan from a table in front of the stage with some tasty brews.

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