Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Paul Brady at Somerville Theater

Went to see Paul Brady at the Somerville Theater (after a nice session at Redbones) on Friday night, 10/22. He's probably the leader in the clubhouse in the category of "I have no records of his but I think he's an incredible musician" (which reminds me, I should put The Liberty Tapes on my Amazon wish list). It also occurred to me that he's Tim O'Brien's older brother in some alternate universe.

Anyway, he played solo and alternated between regular acoustic guitar, tenor guitar, mandolin, and electric piano. It was one of those concerts where you got the feeling that everyone there (the house was half full??) was there because they were a fanatic about his music, as opposed to just going for a night out somewhere where you barely knew the guy. One of the nicest moments was when he paused at the piano in the middle of The Island and you could have heard a pin drop, but some woman in the audience sang the first line of the chorus ("I want to take you to the island..."). It was so perfect he ended the song right there.

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