Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Watermeal Soup

Went for a short paddle after work on Monday. Put in where 117 crosses the Sudbury ... or at least I thought I did but the carpet of watermeal was so thick you couldn't tell when you were actually in the water as opposed to just skimming the organic stew. Out in the current it was still like that, but then some stretches of more open water appeared as I paddled down into Fairhaven Bay. Saw lots of herons; one was stationed every hundred feet along the shore, each trying to ignore each other and look invisible to me. When I got to the downwind side of the Bay the stench from all the vegetation exposed by the incredibly low water, rotting in the humid air, was very distinctive: almost like a cattle barn when the wind blows the right way. Had to hose the kayak and myself down pretty thoroughly when I got back to wash off the caked watermeal and mud.

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