Wednesday, June 9, 2010

no paddle

I'd been meaning to go kayaking after work lots of times this Spring and hadn't, but I was determined to go today even when it started raining. I was carrying my kayak down to the shore at the 117 put-in when a little boy there engaged me in conversation:

"What kind of a kayak is that?"
"A red one."
"What do you do with it."
"I go paddling in the river and the ocean."
"You forgot your paddle!"
"It's up at the car."
"You'll get wet!"
"Say, that's a nice Spiderman life jacket you have."
"Yeah, I'm the *only* one in the family with a picture on his life jacket! [Can you believe those dweebs?]"

I went back up to the car to get my paddle and realized he was right. So I used a branch to get around a bit, got soaked by the beautiful rain, saw a couple of beavers closer than I ever have, and a lot of birds.

I'll do better next time.

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