Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hop Trellis Time

It's been a very early Spring this year for a lot of plants, most of all my hop plant. This started off as 4 rhizomes of different varieties (Cascade, Centennial,Chinook, and Willamette I believe) in 1995 and has now become a monster that produces what I call Aberjona hops (after the nearest river valley of course).

I struggled for several years with what kind of easily maintainable and assembled trellis I could rig for them that would maximize their potential. Then I hit upon this. Some might search for a better word for it than "trellis" ... like "hubcap-suspended-from-a-bit-of-flagpole-nailed-to-a-2x6."

It works fine, though similar trellises have collapsed in years past when the hops are their heaviest in late August. My target harvest date is usually around Labor Day.

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